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Guidance Counseling

The guidance counselor will guide each student and the parents step-by-step through the college process.
We believe that each student is unique and gifted in different ways. We help search for the college that
best fits each student. The college counseling process begins during the Freshman year with the emphasis on career exploring and continues through senior year with an individualized college counseling plan.

We want our students to succeed. The guidance counselor works with each student to ensure that the academic standards are met and diverse courses are available. We offer STEM-based courses and many Honors, AP, and Dual enrollment courses. The list of detailed course offerings can be found in the Student Handbook.

One of the important aspects of the college searching process includes college tours. Our school offers college tour opportunities each semester for our students visiting colleges/universities around the states. The tour includes information sessions with alumni, campus tours and workshops, and classroom experience. It is truly an amazing and valuable experience for our students at GVCS!
For any question, please contact College Counselor: