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Superintendent’s Greeting

What a privilege it is to have a part in raising up global leaders through the ministry of Broadfording Christian Academy and Global Vision Christian School.

The partnership between Global Vision Christian School and Broadfording Christian Academy began in 2010, and at that time we had no idea how God would grow this partnership into the development of Global Vision Christian School – Pennsylvania Campus in Scotland, PA. We have watched God open doors of opportunity as students from many different countries of the world have come together on the Pennsylvania campus. We are committed to guiding these students to become global leaders who will change the world for Jesus Christ.

During this educational experience, your child will receive high quality academic teaching, spiritual support, and the opportunity to be well-rounded in athletics and the arts. We believe that every student has great value in God’s eyes, and every student has talents and gifts that can be developed. We believe that all of this happens best when we focus on the hearts of our students and how they are being transformed from the inside out.

We hope that you will consider Global Vision Christian School – Pennsylvania Campus for your son or daughter. If you have further questions or would like to visit the campus, please contact us and we’ll share the vision with you in person.

Rev. Bill Wyand